Thursday, May 16, 2013

How To Stay Motivated To Reach Your Goals - Part One

Now that we are almost to end of our Bikini Abs Challenge (Ends beginning of Summer 2013) and also right in the middle of the new 100 Squats A Day 30 Day Challenge (Ends first week of June 2013) - I wanted to touch on the subject of motivation - because, when it comes down to it, if you aren't motivated enough, you won't continue toward your goal nor reach your full potential. 

Which can happen all to often and I'm going to tell you MY personal strategies for sticking to completing my goals - in this case, a fitness goal.

Define your reason for creating this goal -

We all have different reasons for WHY we are setting these goals for ourselves. Clearly defining those reasons, writing them down, posting them up around your desk or work space, with pictures and motivational quotes - are a great start to building your momentum toward meeting your goals!

*Tip: When defining your goals - also define a distinct time-line for each goal to be met and mark it on your calendar and follow up each day with your progress - one great idea to stay on track is a "post-it-note weekly goal chart"! You can find more tutorials about this idea here.


Recognize Self-defeating habits or thoughts and ANNIHILATE them.

Self-defeating habits can range from reaching for that fatty Snickers bar when you're in a hurry and hungry (physical self-defeating habits), to 'just not feeling like working out today' (mental self-defeating habits).

We all have them and we all struggle with them - but, once you have identified what those habits are - write them down, remind yourself that it's very normal to have these thoughts or urges, then re-direct your attention with a mental exercise that you repeat 5 times - such as, "I WILL meet my GOAL, I WILL NOT sabotage my efforts ANY MORE, I am WORTH it, and I am pumped to see the RESULTS. I'm STRONG and CAPABLE, I CAN do this, I WILL do this!!" 

Then remove yourself and your mind from the distraction and change what you are doing...Get UP, move, Go take a walk, go outside and breath the fresh air for 3 full minutes remind yourself WHY you created this goal, listen to the birds chirping, do 20 jumping jacks, ect.

When those moments of normal 'weakness' creep into our minds and bodies, we just plain 'don't got time for that' and need to redirect our attentions, and keep ourselves accountable to our own goals! 

Because, we will all have struggles as we are going through the process of meeting our goals, the difference is, reminding yourself of that FACT - and to stop beating yourself up for having small set-backs. Just get right back onto that horse and ride it all the way to the end - gritting your teeth with determination and perseverance, and feeling exhilarating victory of a goal completed to the end with amazing results!


1. Set 2 attainable goals for yourself with a defined time-line, write them down. It can be anything from deciding to walk for 20 minutes per day, to deciding to change the kind of people you surround yourself with because they are not lifting you up, but pulling you down into a negative thought spiral...More about this in PART 2).

2. Make a mental note of when you are starting to do something, or not doing something which is contributing to your own self-sabotage and keeping you from attaining your daily goal.

-What are your biggest struggles when setting a goal for yourself? 

-What negative habits do you run into when trying to complete a goal? 

Do you have any other questions?

Share with me in the comments below.

I'm here to help keep you motivated! 

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Support Systems, Recognizing Sabotage Sources outside of yourself, Positive Role Models.

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