Saturday, June 9, 2012

Power of Positive Affirmations

Your thoughts have a large impact on your success, sense of confidence, self love, relationships, and completely shape your reality daily. Taking that into consideration, this is one small change will affect the rest of your life, and most importantly the quality of your life!

What are positive affirmations?

Positive affirmations: statements you repeat that affect the subconscious mind, making it act to attract success and improve your life.

                                            Defeating negative self-talk

Negative self talk is a downward spiral of your mind focusing on the things it DOES NOT like, want, appreciate, wants to avoid, or seek revenge in some way on someone or some event....Read that again...Now, the power of the mind is that it MANIFESTS in your life, what you FOCUS upon the most! Wow! Now look at your life, does this ring true to you?

There are a myriad of excuses or reasons individuals can come up with, to explain their constant negative self talk. But, unless the negative behavior or habit is pointed out the them, most individuals do not realize they are doing it as often as they are. This unconscious learned behavior creates limitations on their own personal ability to achieve their goals. 

                                       Steps to defeat negative self-talk

1. Realize and identify the times when you spiral and focus on something or someone that bring up negative thoughts, attitudes or moods. 

2. Once you realize and have identified any culprits or triggers to negativity, acknowledge the feelings then tell yourself to STOP -think of a big red stop sign in your mind- and tell yourself.."NO, this is NOT worth my time or energy I could be using to spend thinking about what I DO want!" Then train yourself to switch your thought patterns faster each time!

3. Replace your negative subject matter/thoughts, with POSITIVE affirmations.

                      Examples of daily positive affirmations

Here is an AMAZING site I found with a HUGE list of positive affirmations for everything from friendships, to love, to ADHD, to even quitting smoking! 
List of Positive Affirmations 

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                                                    Here is a great video description!

         Peace, Love, Prosperity, and Success to you every day!