Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bikini Abs For Summer Challenge 2013

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-Watch my video below-

We all need more fitness in our lives, so I have given myself a personal challenge - 'Bikini Abs by Summer 2013' - to look great on the beach this Summer, and gain lots of energy along with keeping an optimum health!

I want you to join me on my commitment to sculpt 'Bikini Abs by Summer' Challenge (2013). 

I like to use Blogilates videos for my work-outs and complimenting them with awesome whole foods and a healthy diet, which I can support you with! 

If you have any questions just shoot me a comment or message me on FB!

Comment below to let me know we are in this together! I also want you to send me photos of yourself working out in your living room or where ever is convenient for you...to my Facebook page
 Let's do this together!!

*This video was shot with my 9 year old daughters help - sorry for any shakiness..

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