Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Food Revolution: How to Start Your Own Organic Garden

Dig For Victory - courtesy of Ministry of Agriculture 1941

PBS Television Show "Growing A Greener World" features Shawna Coronado's sustainable front lawn Victory Garden. Host Joe Lamp'l speaks with Shawna about growing organic vegetables and making a difference in her community.

One Person Can Make A Difference: 

How she changed her community with her Organic front yard garden!

Check out her website here for more information:

It's easy - Just START! 
There is no reason you can't have your own food, grown the way you want, organically- Saving you money, saving your health, and even your community and the next generation! 

Join the Revolution - TODAY - no excuses.

I started my first backyard garden last year, in a small space - with little knowledge, a will to save money on fresh organics and feed myself and my daughter a wholesome plant based diet - and it's still flourishing today with little maintenance.

Here are some photos of when we started our 1st garden last year, and the fruits of our labor by mid-Summer/late Fall 2012.

These seeds are cheap! 
Cost should not be an excuse.

This is the garden in a small plot in the backyard in a 
Mobil Home Park with minimal cheap materials

Lack of space is NOT an excuse!

A Lemon Tree ($22)
A Mandarin Orange Tree (right)

Cherry Tomatoes fresh from the garden - 
how much do you think that amount of organic cherry tomatoes would cost at the store?

Fresh HUGE Beets - great for juicing and cooking!

Sweet Watermelon (personal sized)

More Cherry Tomatoes - Baby Carrots - Broccoli

*I couldn't believe how much Organic Broccoli florets cost at the store, 
so I made sure to try growing some in the 
garden to save money - and it was super easy! 

Just remember to water daily and grow in lots of sunshine (if possible) and let the happy bee's pollinate the buds!!
Nature does the rest :)

(Great for juicing and fresh salads or soups) 

These beauties are still growing strong today, 
and I haven't been watering as frequently, they still look very green and perky :)

What are you waiting for??
Gardening season is upon us 

Start your "Victory Garden" today!

Have any questions about how to get started? 

Ask me anything in the comment section below! 

You can do it!

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring me on this post - SO appreciated. Thanks very much! :-)

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