Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My 30th Birthday Challenge!

-Some quick photo's I took, nothing fancy, you can do it too! :)

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My 30th Birthday is coming up in December, and I decided a great way to ring in my thirties would be to give myself a personal challenge concerning my weight, and over-all muscle tone! 

I would love for you to follow me on this journey, I will be posting updates weekly about what I am doing towards my goal.

This idea sprung out of seeing all of these amazing before and after photos of weight loss, and weight training! I decided I need to challenge myself, to be MY personal best. Just because I am a Health Coach does not mean that I am perfect and that I deal with many of the same issues you do! I am a mother, and I want nothing more than to give my daughter the best of me, and I am going to be sure that she is hopefully inspired by my efforts, and carries on what she learns to herself, her friends, and her future family!

When making goals, always be specific, and write them down!


1. Lose 10-15lbs, if I lose more, awesome:
-Drink more water :)

2. Tone up my abs, thighs, rear, and arms:

- Incorporate a daily routine of (does not have to be all at one time during the day)

-100 sit-ups
- 30 push-ups
- 20 leg lifts (for each leg) on my side
- 5 pull ups
- 20 Jumping Jacks
- 15-20 minute walk with the dogs
- Stretches for flexibility
- weekly weight checks

3. Drink green juice 2x daily, morning and late afternoon.

I hope to inspire you and all of my friends to consider doing something similar for their upcoming birthdays! I am making myself vulnerable, to let you know that it is ok to reveal yourself and be genuine, and to create attainable goals for yourself, and then see the results of sticking to your goal! 

I promise that it will be very inspirational for those around you, and if people want to judge you for your endeavor, do not listen to their negativity. There is nothing negative or wrong with being authentic, and especially realizing a goal- whether it be related to your weight, your health, changing your diet, doing an art project, getting up and singing that solo you always wanted to perform, or traveling the world, or even being able to say you made it to see your grandchildren get married! 

There are no limits to what goals you can set for yourself, and make happen!

What goal/s are you going to set for your next birthday?
Leave a comment below with one personal goal!

~ Peace and Love ~

-Naomi's Nutrition Nook-

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