Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dachshund Puppy Scarlett's Debut

(Photo taken April 2012)


Hello my friends! 

Today I am debuting my darling puppy, Scarlett, who is a miniature dachshund and a rescue. When I first adopted Scarlett (April 2012) through a local Rescue Agency, she was very skittish, timid, and scared! As you can see in this photo (taken about a week after I had rescued her, she is 4 mos. old here) she was still kind of thin from being under fed when they got her, and mistreated. 

Well, three months later she is doing great, is very spunky, inquisitive, protective, happy, well fed, and is still a bit jumpy when others are around that she doesn't know. But considering her state when I got her, she is doing much better showing love, accepting affection from me, and getting used to the other people in the house. She still will bark at 'intruders' (haha!) and growl at strangers. But, I know in time, she will gain trust in other people, through being loved and treated with gentleness.

 (Photo taken 8-1-12)

Yesterday I was working in the backyard garden and I let both of my puppies (Emma is my other puppy who is 9 mos, old from the Humane Society) play in the back. I was a shooting a video of something I had discovered in our Cherry Tomatoes plants...Well, suffice to say, Scarlett ended up starring in my video. 

Thanks for watching!

Now, Scarlett, take it away!

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~ Peace and Love ~


  1. Your garden looks good! Is that Suzy Zoo duck laying face down? The puppies look cute :-)

    1. Thanks Mom! That was a duck we found at a garage sale for Sarah, but it turned into a puppy toy :)

  2. Both are looking very fine and those are very memorable time playing in the garden with such a best family member. I also like to pass my time with my bulldog very often.

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    1. Thank You for your comment! I bet your dogs are spoiled! :)


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