Monday, July 30, 2012

Be yourself: Start by healing yourself from the inside out!

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Today I wanted to discuss a topic that I feel effects everyone at some time or another! This issue can effect your healing, and needs to be addressed, so you can move forward! Have you had a struggle or periods of time, where your self esteem was at a low point and you just didn't feel you were valuable or appreciated for who you are? Understanding where these feelings stem from, or what triggers them, is a great start to the road to self acceptance and confidence within yourself -to know that it's ok to be you.

The reason I wanted to cover this topic is when we are on the road to healing, and aren't living with health and vitality, some of our baggage can be holding us back from true healing. And I will cover some great ways to address and heal those feelings, so you can move forward! I want you to consider, and address, any issues that may be holding you back from being the amazing, beautiful, confident, and healthy you that you deserve to be every precious day!

Identify Negativity in your life: What, if any, are any negative influences in your life? Are they coming from someone else, something else, or from you? A negative influence usually involves things/people which do not lift you up, but burden you. They make you feel down, sad, upset, frustrated, stressed, hurt, less then, trapped, like a victim, defensive, not safe, not good enough, that the world is conspiring against you, that nobody loves you, powerless. 

Does the negativity help you, or hold you down?: After identifying the sources of negativity in your life, consider how they effect your daily life . Are these people or thought processes serving you and helping you, or dragging you down and making the hole look too deep to climb out of? 

What roles does negativity play in your daily life?: Sometimes people hold onto negative thoughts or people in their lives, because that is really how they view themselves inside, and how they view the world outside..So really, negative people and thought processes reinforce and even justify your bad feelings about yourself. 

Haven't you wondered or thought things like- "why does this always happen to me?" or "Sure just go ahead and take advantage of my time and energy, I don't mind" or "Why doesn't anybody love me?" and "I must be crazy" or "There is no point in living, life sucks" or "Why doesn't that happen in my life?" or "I'm never going to get out of debt" and "They must just be lucky, I'm never lucky" and "Why does my life have to be such a struggle all the time?"......

Acknowledge what role negativity plays in your life, and realize, that it does not serve your healing or your healthy growth!

If you are in a situation that is not happy and it hurts you, or where someone is constantly taking advantage of you - or taking you for granted - Or around people and things (media, others drama, gossip), that take your energy away from healing and filling yourself with hope, love, happiness, joy, peace, excitement, smiles, and significance, and acceptance. **Then something has to change, and that is up to you to identify and make appropriate changes. 

You only have one life, and you deserve that life to be filled with all of those things and more! Stop wasting it with negativity, and letting negativity steal your joy and abundance in life!

1. You are beautiful

2. You are Worth it

3. Your past shapes who you are today

4. You are NOT your past!

5. Live today, and realize that you never know how long you have.

6. Appreciate the people in your life who love you 
unconditionally and support your healing!

7. Appreciate those that don't judge how you choose to heal and find joy.

8. Love yourself, because if you don't, who will?

9. Once you do that, others will know the authentic you, and love you for who you are as a genuine person in their life! 

10. You CAN change, heal, and have the life you WANT!

Now, as you think through these things I want you to know that this is written from a place of complete love, understanding, and compassion! If no one has told you your worth, and beauty, and strengths in this life, I will be proud to be the first to proclaim all of the above to you! 

Healing involves many aspects of one's life. Thoughts and feelings are aspects of you that are very important to consider in your healing, and learning new ways to grow in positivity, happiness, love, and joy! Be strong in who you are, and use that strength and softness inside to help others learn the same lesson and to spread your happiness like a ripple on a pond.  

You're a super star and have a purpose! Don't let anyone treat you any other way, and don't let yourself believe anything different! Be confident in your own skin :)

Be the person who raises others up, and love the one's in your life that do the same for you - and distance yourself from the one's who don't! 

~Peace and Love Always~
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